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Wetting Agent


Water has been accepted for many years as the most practical fire extinguishing agent because of its almost universal availability, its great heat absorption capacity and because it is liquid.

Experiences, as well as tests, have indicated that the addition of a proper wetting agent to water, when properly applied, will increase the extinguishing efficiency of that water with respect to quantity used as well as time saved.

Wetting agents have foaming characterstics as refered in NFPA-18 standards. When mixed with water and air, produce a foam that retains the wetting and penetrating characterstics of the wetting agent and provides an efficient smothering action for the extinguishments of both Class A and Class B combustibles or provides a fluid insulation for protection against fire exposure.

Properties of FireChem Wetting Agent

Application Rate

3 parts of wetting agent to 100 parts of water

Surface Tension

It reduces the surface tension of water from 72 dynes/cm² to less than 33 dynes/cm². This gives great penetrating powder to water.

pH Value

The pH value of wetting agent is between 6.5 to 8.5


 It does not have any corrosive properties


It can be used effectively on Class A & B fires


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